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February 14, 2006


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Good question, Bud. My Post on cretaing a copyright symbol didn't cover this distinct possibility. If you are working on a PC without a numeric keypad you can always use the copyright symbol Photoshop provides in the Custom Shapes menu

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If you are working on a PC without a numeric keypad you can always use the copyright symbol Photoshop provides in the

Planning application map

It can also manage graphic files or text files downloaded from the Internet or saved from your browser's cache. It can also be useful for programmers or for those who create sequential versions of files, etc.

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Because I did desktop publishing I work on a Mac and have all the requisite DTP software: PS, QuarkXpress, Illustrator etc. I've been away for a few years so I haven't upgraded my system to OS X. My new digicam requires OS X to download my CD that came with it.


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I go to place the pic in those apps andwhen I get to the desktop to the folders that have the pics in them, I open the folder and nothing comes up, no indication that there is anything in the folder.

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