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February 13, 2006



IF you use the show rulers, then set two guides at 1 inch apart from each other than free transform the layer to fit within the guides.


Another alternative to the Iconico software is AquaRuler (for mac) - it has a lot of good features/tools for mesuring on-screen items.

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Good question, Bud. My Post on cretaing a copyright symbol didn't cover this distinct possibility. If you are working on a PC without a numeric keypad you can always use the copyright symbol Photoshop provides in the Custom Shapes menu

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They open in Picture Viewer and I can see them and do minor manipulations like rotate etc. I can move them to the desktop and all that jazz. What I can't do is open them in any other program, QuarkXpress orPhotoshop. I go to place the pic in those apps andwhen I get to the desktop to the folders that have the pics in them, I open the folder and nothing comes up, no indication that there is anything in the folder.

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I use this in my line of work as well and having the ability to print to an exact dimension is really important. I will definitely check out the suggestions since the way I solve this problem now is with rulers and guidelines.


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I go to place the pic in those apps andwhen I get to the desktop to the folders that have the pics in them, I open the folder and nothing comes up, no indication that there is anything in the folder.

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