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January 22, 2005



Nice site ;)

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Exceptions prove the rule, and wreck the budget.
-- Miller


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So, in this respect, I think Colleges of Computing are a good thing, since computing seems vaguely equally significant as say, the arts. On the other hand, I’ m a little wary about the disciplinary barriers that get erected when things like Colleges or Departments are created, and specialties spun off into their own institutions. Are we sure that ML won’ t benefit from having its practitioners also trained (to some degree) in programming languages, systems engineering, and theoretical computer science? I’ m...


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just select NEW SELECTION in "make selection" dialogbox. the default selection is INTERSECT WITH SELECTION.

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I apologize for having been away and will work harder to update the blog more often. However, I will never just post for the sake of posting something. When I do post it will be with content I feel the reader can benefit from.


I will never just post for the sake of posting something. When I do post it will be with content I feel the reader can benefit from.


Photoshop is so far behind the times and amateurish its sadly laughable. It can’t even hold a candle to basic PhotoImpact Pro. PS takes 3 moves to do the same PhotoImpact does in one. Those that rave about it more than likely never used anything else professionally. Come’on PS, its 2011, get with the times...

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